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About Speeches and Training

"I was highly impressed with Patricia's conversational and personal style. She offered a variety of activities, with meaningful examples that kept my attention throughout the session, including action activities to ensure that we would use the information after the class. We want her to keep coming back!"
Dorothy Valentine, Education and Learning Specialist, Harley-Davidson Motor Company

"We found the Ethical Type Indicator to be both introspective and informative - and we really enjoyed her interpretations and personalized answers to members' questions."
Beth Grzesiak, Program Director, Wisconsin Women Entrepreneurs

"Using a variety of techniques including group discussion, writing, activities, and small group play the entire training day became a challenging growth experience for the participants. I recommend Patricia's services to anyone who wants to process productive change in their working environment."
Bert Stitt, President, Bert Stitt & Associates, Inc.

"Patricia's training was relevant to employee's concerns, very helpful in offering practical solutions, and was presented in a "different light" from other training sessions they had attended in the past. Her flair for speaking in "down to earth" terms and her enthusiasm of the topics certainly added to the satisfaction of the group."
Al Lorenz, Director, Wisconsin Department of Transportation

"Thank you so much for conducting the fantastic Time Mastery workshop for my team. We all agreed it was a great success - interesting information, realistic tips and a much appreciated holistic approach. I was very pleased with the outcome. I will keep you in mind for future sessions and would recommend you to others with confidence."
Jenny Johnson, Agilent Technologies

About Coaching with Patricia

"I have accomplished more with Patricia's guidance than I ever could on my own. My dreams became her dreams and together we made them happen. Thank you Patricia!!"
Mary Angela Theys, Unique Plants and Floral

"As a coach, Patricia offers just the right blend of support, assertiveness and a wealth of good information on time management, organization, self-motivation and goal setting to help me stay on track. The coach concept is extremely effective and so is Patricia. I highly recommend her to anyone serious about being accountable for and actually achieving their goals and dreams."
Laurel Kashinn, Graphic Designer/Writer, Blue Rose Digital

"Patricia has helped me move rather easily through the fears and resistances I face in building my business that used to stop me dead in my tracks before. After our coach call, I am once again a locomotive at full steam!"
Jay Edgar, Edgar Resources, Coach

"Thank you for all you did for me. I feel much more confident about marketing. It has become a way of life."
Colleen Lantzy, Psychotherapist

"The business coaching our management team has received from Patricia Clason has been invaluable! She has helped us to focus on our goals, develop clear processes to achieving those goals and have fun while making it all happen. Patricia has guided us through being a company to becoming a team! I recommend her business coaching to anyone that wants to succeed"
Mark Krause, CEO, Krause Funeral Homes

About Ethics Workshops

"Your ability to make some difficult pertinent points in a non-threatening way was very much appreciated."
Mary Zajac, Owner, Wellspring Creations

"The Ethical Type Indicator program was a great help in understanding the different ethical types and giving me insights into how to recognize and interact with my business associates."
Ken Boyd, Entrepreneur

"You helped me understand the reasons why I make the decisions I make on a daily basis. You also gave me great insights into my customers that will take me to new levels of success in my career."
Mark Henschel, Prudential Insurance

"The most valuable insight that you offered was about going beyond conditioned reflexes into reflective thinking."
Dana Burke, Consultant, Mind Your Business

"These materials are interesting, informative and useful for evaluating own's own ethics, as well as that of clients."
Robert Storm, Attorney

"Ms. Clason displays wisdom and humor that keeps the audience attentive and focused. She uses diverse teaching methods to meet the needs of students' various learning styles. We are pleased to have her as a regular teacher at the college."
Josephine Roehrborn, Moraine Park Technical College

"Crisp, concise, on point, and valuable to me personally as well as professionally. I found this seminar to be immensely helpful in explaining the process of ethical reasoning and how to go about solving ethical dilemmas. It was one of the best seminars I've attended in my 21 years of practice."
Labor Attorney, Milwaukee, WI

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