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Personal and Professional Coaching

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The ultimate in fitness is a personal trainer.
The ultimate in business is a personal coach!

Build strong foundations under YOUR castles with a private Coach! Patricia Clason was first to receive the "Registered Corporate Coach" designation from the National Association of Business Coaches. Patricia is also a professional speaker, author and trainer in human resource development with over twenty-five years of experience!

You deserve the best, give yourself a gift.
Hire a personal coach today! We will help you clarify your goals and define a plan to meet your success challenges. Then we'll be there to coach and guide you to the new level of success that you desire.

Our coaches are highly skilled in

  • Executive Coaching - for corporate executives
  • Business Coaching - for managers, supervisors
  • Business Development Coaching - for owners and entrepreneurs
  • Performance Coaching - for professional and career development
  • Life Coaching - for individuals looking to increase their satisfaction and enjoyment in their personal life or wanting to achieve a work/life balance
Patricia Clason founded the Business Coaching Certificate Program at the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee School of Continuing Education. She is currently offering The Coach Approach, an in-house program for your organization to train your managers and supervisors in coaching as a management style that is also available for open enrollment at our facility in Milwaukee. Customized coach training programs can be tailored to your organization's culture and needs.


I have accomplished more with Patricia's guidance than I ever could on my own. My dreams became her dreams and together we made them happen. Thank you Patricia!! Mary Angela Theys, Unique Plants and Floral

As a coach, Patricia offers just the right blend of support, assertiveness and a wealth of good information on time management, organization, self-motivation and goal setting to help me stay on track. The coach concept is extremely effective and so is Patricia. I highly recommend her to anyone serious about being accountable for and actually achieving their goals and dreams.
Laurel Kashinn, Graphic Designer/Writer, Blue Rose Digital

"Patricia has helped me move rather easily through the fears and resistances I face in building my business that used to stop me dead in my tracks before. After our coach call, I am once again a locomotive at full steam!"
Jay Edgar, Edgar Resources, Coach

"Thank you for all you did for me. I feel much more confident about marketing. It has become a way of life." Colleen Lantzy, Psychotherapist

"The business coaching our management team has received from Patricia Clason has been invaluable! She has helped us to focus on our goals, develop clear processes to achieving those goals and have fun while making it all happen. Patricia has guided us through being a company to becoming a team! I recommend her business coaching to anyone that wants to succeed"
Mark Krause, CEO, Krause Funeral Homes

  • A therapist working with mentally ill, who need healing.
  • A mentor, who has experience in your field and helps you along.
  • A counselor.
  • A healer.
  • A buddy who tells you what you want to hear.
  • A consultant, do-er, solution provider.
  • A Yes Man who agrees with you always.
  • encourage firing your therapist because you only need a coach
  • tell you what to do, when to do it or how to do it
  • Do it for you
  • Pull you out of the stuck
  • eliminate stress in your life
  • a guide working with mentally healthy people on their goals.
  • a resource and networker, connecting you to people and information.
  • an objective mirror, giving feedback and observations for your consideration - no advice.
  • an advocate for your potential, who encourages you to empower and affirm yourself.
  • a truth teller, with respectful confrontation telling you what you need to hear.
  • a thought-provoker, asking questions you have to answer, a catalyst for your self-insight.
  • the occasional "devil's advocate" who offers another perspective for your consideration.
  • a visionary who is not in your business, home, or occupation, yet can help you see your potential and dreams and hold you accountable to staying on track.
A COACH DOES........
  • encourage you to find a therapist if you need to work on issues.
  • help you set your goals, define your values and choose action steps and timelines, then holds the possibilities for you so you can see them for yourself.
  • support your commitment to doing it for yourself.
  • help you recognize your desire to be unstuck and supports you in making it happen.
  • guide you to knowing your values and priorities so that you can choose balance in your life.

A Coach is a Process Expert - guiding your journey, not guaranteeing what results you will accomplish because that is up to you. A coach is also a Student - coaches get coached, always learning, growing, using the tools that they share with others. Remember, the coach is only the coach, you are the player, you take the action, you make things happen for you!! Coaching is the feedback process that functions as a mirror, allowing self-examination and self-correction, resulting in greater accountability, achievement and fulfillment.


    Arrange for an initial interview. Be prepared to tell the coach why you want a coach and your goals for the coaching process. Make a list of questions in advance and then ask them in the interview.

    You will want to know ....
    • How long have you been a coach?
    • Do you have clients who are willing to give testimonials, recommendations of your work?
    • Does the coach specialize in a particular type of coaching, i.e. business, personal, career, relationships, financial?

    You will be looking and listening for......
    • A resonance with your personal values, philosophy and experiences
    • Does the coach hear you, listening carefully to what you say?
    • A sense of trust and safety
    • Respectful confrontation, challenging and supportive
    Once you decide on your coach, put your agreements in writing, including cost, frequency and length of meetings, accountability, method of meeting (phone, face-to-face, e-mail) and terms of completion of the agreement (grounds for termination of the agreement and/or time frame). Many coaches include go-no go points to review the contracts and the effectiveness of the process. Be sure these are also in your agreements. Most coaches have a set form for their agreements and the coach should provide the contract.
  3. GOALS
    Your coach will guide you to writing your life purpose, business purpose, goals and expectations for the coaching process. It is very important that you are clear and specific on what you want from this process so you can measure it's effectiveness and value to you.
    An outline of topics to be covered in each session is helpful so that you can be prepared before the session, in order to maximize the time you have with your coach.
    Assess your progress regularly, using your goals and other criteria set in your agreements. Evaluate the effectiveness of the process and your accomplishments to determine if you want to negotiate to continue your coaching contract, re-negotiate the terms or terminate the contract.
For more information on coaching.....
Worldwide Association of Business Coaches: http://www.wabccoaches.com
Coach University: www.coachu.com
International Coach Federation: www.coachfederation.org
Patricia Clason: Email Patricia
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