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Step Into the Light

The Next Step toward more Personal Responsibility and Joy!

For many, attending the Taking It Lightly weekend was a first step into a life with more aliveness, feeling and mastery. We learned about taking personal responsibility for our beliefs in preparation for creating new beliefs during and after the weekend.

You are the director, baby!

Step Into the Light builds upon what we learned during Taking It Lightly, focusing even more on personal responsibility. In Step Into the Light, instead of being directed by the instructors, YOU are the director! Gain a feeling of greater mastery by creating your own process, creating your own affirmation, creating your own results! During this weekend, YOU decide when you are at “100%”!

Do all of this in a setting that is as safe and as fun as Taking It Lightly! Learn more about:

  • The importance of thought and word in creating your reality
  • Taking responsibility vs. subtly blaming
  • The next step in emotional mastery
  • Simply throwing out the trash vs. Picking through the eggshells!
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Pre-requisites: You must be a graduate of Taking It Lightly or a similar intensive weekend program to enroll in this weekend.

Days/Times: Friday 7pm through Sunday 6pm. Ending times on Friday and Saturday are determined by the size of the group.

Cost: $325—up to 4 PIF cards* may be used toward your course fee (spend only $225!).

Location: Center for Creative Learning Conference Center (directions/map)

Instructor: Jay Edgar

Spaces Available: Enrollment is limited to 10 participants—register today!

*Pay it Forward (PIF) cards are given to individuals who volunteer-staff at Center workshops, and are worth $25 toward Center programs.

What are people saying about Step Into the Light?

About Attending...

The value of taking Step is Stepping Up! No more pretending or excuses for those things for which I haven’t been taking responsibility. The students get to be even more real and the feedback from the instructors is also more direct to the individual’s life experiences.

Gave me full permission to ask for what I want, say what I think, etc. No matter what others think. It was an opportunity for me to love myself unconditionally and speak up for myself realizing and embracing who I am as non-negotiable.

I realized the difference between responsibility and fault.

I had the experience of taking charge and taking action and getting the results I wanted. Knowing up front there would be nobody to blame if I didn’t get the results I wanted. I recognized the subtle way that I blame others.

The most important piece, that I am reminded of every day, is that I am responsible for my happiness. I am the one who controls the path in my life. I cannot blame anyone else. And every time I think about assigning blame, I think about myself and my control and power.

About Staffing...

Step was another opportunity to see the work of personal responsibility from a different perspective and to see how I am or am not continuously stepping up in my life.

I got the chance to assist others in they way they wanted assistance, very directly.

I witnessed myself as a support person and not being their to "help" them do their work. It assisted me in feeling the difference between assisting and care-taking.

Step was a reminder to take a higher level of responsibility for my happiness and getting what I want. I received a big gift from a student’s work. It helped me to see how I have been playing victim in two areas of my life, prompting me to take action and ownership.

Personal responsibility is always a lesson I can learn and seeing everyone else learn it and process it is a valuable gift. The weekend feels more relaxed and for me, less emotional. That brings me peace and I feel joy when brining that peace to others in my life.

Step gave me many insights and pieces of the next steps in my life, things I must do for myself. I was able to put it all together and get the next step ready.

Step reminded me how love is greatest emotion of all. When I respond with love, I tend to get the results I want in my life.

Step Into the Light is offered only once per year, and limited to 10 participants. Don't you deserve the gifts you read about above, and more?

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