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The Money Course: Creating Prosperity in Any Economy

Fine Tuning

This two-day money exploration is designed to help you create a definition and belief about money that will work for you, bringing you prosperity and peace of mind. In addition to clearing old, dysfunctional beliefs, we will be going deeply into each of the five laws of wealth. You will develop a personal action plan for the next 100 days to integrate what you have learned in the course and be encouraged to utilize a peer coach and follow-up sessions for the course to keep you on track.

The 100-day support system has four phases:

  • Phase 1—Believe: Working with your personal prosperity manifesto and reading to deepen your prosperity beliefs
  • Phase 2—Act:  Creating a financial statement, budget, money plan that will work for you and making room for money in your life, plus reading on financial planning principles
  • Phase 3—Integrate: Building a base of gratitude and abundance with reading to reinforce your prosperity consciousness
  • Phase 4—Celebrate: Every day for the last ten days of the 100-day process!

Course offerings include multiple ebooks on prosperity, a copy of the Claim Your Unlimited Potential course (a series of 12 workbooks to guide you to creating the life you want), worksheets and follow-up conference calls.

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Pre-requisites: none—this course is open to everyone

Days/Times: Saturday and Sunday, 9 am to 6 pm

Cost: $150—up to 3 PIF cards may be used toward your course fee (spend only $75!)

Location: Center for Creative Learning Conference Center (directions/map)

Instructor: Patricia Clason

Spaces Available: Enrollment is limited to 12 participants—register today!

Stretch Money

A Note from Patricia

I see many people struggling in this economy and I know it doesn’t need to be so. Thirty-eight years ago I met Leonard Orr and read Catherine Ponder, Napoleon Hill and other great prosperity authors. Ever since, I have practiced the Five Laws of Wealth, tithing and other prosperity principles. Even in the most challenging of financial situations, I have always succeeded in meeting my needs, enjoying my wants and living a satisfying life. I want you to have that same peace of mind.

I know that shifting belief systems can be challenging. I know it takes practice and commitment to build new neural pathways of prosperity and abundance—and support when we meet up with resistance and fear. This course is designed to make it easier for you to make the shifts you desire.

I also know that teaching is a great way to more deeply integrate what I know and believe and practice. So this is for me as much as it is for you! I, too, will be making a 100-day personal action plan and doing the practices you will be doing.

Don’t sign up unless you are committed to changing your money beliefs and practices. We can only fit 20 people in our course room. Don’t take a spot away from someone who really wants to make things happen! 

If you really want to make things happen, sign up NOW!

This program is worth $1,000; it is invaluable to those who use it. I also know that those who need it the most probably don’t have the resources to pay its full value. Therefore, it is very reasonably priced to make it possible for anyone to attend.

After your 100-day process, if you want to tithe in gratitude for what you have received, I request that you give to the Starfish Foundation. They will gladly receive your tax-deductible donation.

I would love to be on this journey with you and support you in your prosperity.

Now it is all up to you!

With intentions of abundance and prosperity and peace of mind for all,


Register Now!

What Are People Saying About the Course?

“The Money Course changed my perspective on wealth. Besides (finally) taking a closer look at my finances, I was inspired to focus on prosperity, not just dollars and cents.”

—Ken S

“It was great to take it with my husband, as we were not agreeing on money issues. Now that we understand where the other is coming from, we are working together very well during our money discussions.”


“Instead of just trying to solve my financial problems again I learned to "grow-up" regarding my prosperity beliefs. After applying roughly 40% of what I learned in the Money Course I already have four times as much business as last year by changing only my attitude!!”

—Jeffrey Margenau

“The Money Course was everything Patricia said it would be and more. Well worth the $150, an investment that has the potential to knock your socks off. It is about changing our beliefs about money and bringing prosperity into all areas of our lives. Not just our bank accounts. Since taking this course, my income has grown by leaps and bounds, because in this amazing course I learned how to open the door energetically to prosperity. If you want to change your life, this course is for you.”

—Mary Lelle

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