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ETHICS—What You Do When No One Is Looking!!

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Available as keynote presentation or 3-6 hour workshop

Patricia Clason, Director of the Center for Creative Learning, applies twenty five years of business and personal growth experience to the wisdom and research of Dr. Louie Larimer, author of the Ethical Type Indicator. The result? Insights on why a code of ethics just isn't enough, why laws alone don't do any good and an understanding of the perspectives that affect how we make the ethical decisions of life.

DISCOVER your core ethical values and a process of ethical reasoning with....

The Ethical Type Indicator

The Ethical Type Indicator is a self-scoring, personal assessment tool that reveals your primary ethical decision making preference or ethical type. It will help you to identify and understand the underlying ethical principles you use in confronting and resolving ethical or moral dilemmas. The discovery and cognitive awareness of your primary ethical type or preference can be the beginning of further ethical exploration, personal insight and evolution toward higher ethical principles, standards and behavior. The Ethical Type Indicator also assesses the degree to which you are influenced by certain other ethical principles. This awareness will provide you with an opportunity to engage in further self study, self-reflection and examination of your own ethical values and judgments. It will also empower you to better recognize, analyze and resolve future ethical dilemmas as you encounter them in your personal life and professional career. With this new knowledge, you will have a greater understanding and appreciation of the diverse ethical and moral beliefs of others. This, in turn, will enhance your ability to communicate with and persuade others to adopt your ethical beliefs.

About the author of The Ethical Type Indicator: Louie V. Larimer, J.D. is the founder and president of The Larimer Center for Ethical Leadership, Inc. He holds a bachelors degree in psychology, masters degree in business administration and a juris doctorate. Mr. Larimer has developed and taught both graduate and continuing education courses in ethics, law, leadership, conflict resolution and negotiations. He developed The Ethical Type Indicator as a result of his own internal search for his ethical type and core ethical values. He has also has written "Ethical Virtuosity: Seven steps to help you discover and do the right thing at the right time."

To order Ethical Virtuosity or The Ethical Type Indicator, please call 414-374-5433 or email us.

What workshop participants have said....

"Your ability to make some difficult pertinent points in a non-threatening way was very much appreciated." Mary Zajac, Owner, Wellspring Creations

"The Ethical Type Indicator program was a great help in understanding the different ethical types and giving me insights into how to recognize and interact with my business associates." Ken Boyd, Entreprenuer

"You helped me understand the reasons why I make the decisions I make on a daily basis. You also gave me great insights into my customers that will take me to new levels of success in my career." Mark Henschel, Prudential Insurance

"The most valuable insight that you offered was about going beyond conditioned reflexes into reflective thinking." Dana Burke, Consultant, Mind Your Business

"These materials are interesting, informative and useful for evaluating one's own ethics, as well as that of clients" Robert Storm, Attorney

"Ms. Clason displays wisdom and humor that keeps the audience attentive and focused. She uses diverse teaching methods to meet the needs of students' various learning styles. We are pleased to have her as regular teacher at the college." Josephine Roehrborn, Moraine Park Technical College

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