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A Day of Forgiveness and Gratitude

Free Yourself by forgiving yourself and others!
Expand your prosperity with gratitude!
Enjoy a more satisfying and rewarding life!
Expanding Heart

This day-long retreat into forgiveness and gratitude will help you let go of stress and give forth of your love again to yourself, family and friends. Start fresh with peace, clarity, love and gratitude.

Forgiveness literally means "to give forth of one’s love again"—yet that can be difficult to do when there is pain. Learn about the true meaning of forgiveness, what it is and what it is not, and then explore with us......


  • Find the courage to be compassionate and open your heart
  • Lighten your load by understanding the process of forgiveness
  • Learn ways to forgive, remember, release revenge, and rejoice
  • Experience peace as you forgive yourself
  • Increase the flow of all things good in your life by practicing gratitude
  • Create personal journal of forgiveness and gratitude
  • Discover guidelines for living the true meaning of prosperity
  • Practice gratitude and experience the law of attraction inceasing your abundance
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Time: 9 am to 5 pm

What to bring

  • Bag lunch, something to share if you like
  • Notebook or journal for insights and activities

Cost: $45 (One Pay It Forward card [$25] may be applied to this course fee)

Pre-registration is required. Limited to 25 participants!

Everyone benefits from practicing forgiveness; please contact us for more information if money is an obstacle to your participation in this event.

This day will be facilitated by Patricia Clason, owner of the Center for Creative Learning, and founder of Taking It Lightly.

Patricia will share what she has learned through many years of forgiving “seventy times seven,” resulting in peace of mind and heart.

What Are People Saying About the Course?

“Having the opportunity to say things out loud and be forgiven was very healing!”


“I knew I was in a safe environment; kind and gentle facilitation supported my desire to move forward.”


“Come ready to empty yourself of past regrets.”


“What a wonderful gift! While I came into the event knowing I "should" be more compassionate and forgiving of myself...I hadn't been able to make it happen. The mix of writing, group- and partner-activities was a nice balance.”


“If you are feeling down or guilty, maybe this is a way to get yourself off the hook.”


“A great way to identify and work through some areas of one's life where forgiving either another or one's self would be helpful. The one-day format makes it easy to fit into a busy schedule and does not diminish its effectiveness.”


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