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Do you want to fast-track your personal development? Gain more peace of mind or peace of heart? Maybe you have a desire to be better or more enlightened, or you want to get in touch with or brighten your internal light. Or perhaps you’re not as far along as you really wanted. Grow in the Light was designed with your needs in mind.

Like a plant that needs water, we need consistent practice and positive reinforcement when growing and developing. Grow in the Light will help you keep your commitment to truly grow and change. It goes beyond a single course—it’s a life-changing program that gives you the opportunity for supported and integrated growth.

The Getting Started level of Grow in the Light is an inexpensive way to take the next step in your growth without making a major investment. If your commitment is full-out, register at the Adventurer level. The program offers you time to dip, at least once a month, into a sea of personal growth, inspiring and encouraging you to take action. Start at any level—it’s completely up to you how much you do and how fast you go.

What is Personal Growth?

Personal growth is about expanding YOU as you make your way through life. It’s personal development taken to a higher and enduring level. In a world where so much more is being asked of us, we need a variety of skills to create and live the lives we love!

Why Grow in the Light?

Grow in the Light is a membership program that makes personal growth easier because it is designed to help you consistently move forward in your personal development through regular action. It combines teleclasses and in-person classes with practical and easy-to-use tools that help you integrate what you are learning into your life. Grow in the Light goes beyond continuing education classes because it is personal—it focuses on YOU as an individual and helps you be the best you in all areas of your life.

We are so sure you will gain tremendous value from Grow in the Light that we are offering you two teleclasses for free to get a sense of the value that is waiting for you!

With every level except Getting Started, you’ll have access to the teleclass archives: download MP3s to listen any time you want, even after you’re done with the program. Another great part of the program is that we customize teleclasses based on your current challenges and desires! Where else can you find programs so tailored to your individual needs?

Where Do I Start?

It’s all up to you. Take the test ride with two teleclasses or sign up at the Getting Started level to see if this is the kind of personal growth you’re looking for. If you’re interested but not quite sure what you’re looking for, see what kind of thinking fits you best:

Getting Started (Level 1)

  • “Well, this is kind of interesting, but I’m not sure how much time and money to invest in it.”
  • “I’d like to sample the information, and get a taste of what the Center offers.”
  • “I’m ready to at least get my toes wet in that sea of personal growth.”

Seeker (Level 2)

  • “I’m ready to swim in this sea a bit and get a sense of what potential is waiting for me.”
  • “I know this is something I want to commit to for at least a year.”
  • “There must be other people out there like me who want to learn more about personal growth. I want to get to know them!”

Explorer (Level 3)

  • “I want to to experience as much as I can in the coming year. I'm jumping into the sea!”
  • “What a wonderful opportunity for integrated learning and community.”
  • “I can’t get this much return on investment in any market. This will clearly be worth every dollar and more.”

Adventurer (Level 4)

  • “Ok, I get it. This is awesome stuff.”
  • “Yes, sign me up now.”
  • “I want this to be a ongoing part of my lifestyle!”

Family (Level 5)

  • “There’s more than one person in my family who wants to do the same things and we want to purchase just one package for the year.”
  • “A few of us want to try different classes and compare.”
  • “I’d rather sign up with others in my family network!”

Whichever level you end up choosing, you can be certain you’ll learn practical, down-to-earth information that is genuinely easy to integrate into your life. There’s no jargon and there are no big (and unbelievable) promises. It’s just simple, easy-to-use, practical material that you can use to make a difference in your life.

Select Your Program

  Getting Started Seeker Explorer Adventurer Family Plan
Membership Period 1 year 1 year 1 year 3 years 1 year
Successful Living Seminars
for you and a guest
any 2 (once) any 4 (once) all 6 (once) all 6 (unlimited) all 6 (unlimited)
Monthly Teleclass yes yes yes yes yes
Teleclass Archives 2 weeks only yes yes yes yes
Online Assessments not available 1 1 3 5
You Pick

After you register, you will receive information on how to make your choice.
not available 1
option below
options below
options below
options below

Customize your Grow In the Light package by picking from the options below, based on the number of “picks” you get as defined above. Example: an Explorer picks two of the options below. “You Pick” options may be given as gifts!

  • Focus Your Life
  • Day of Forgiveness and Gratitude
  • 25% off Taking It Lightly
  • <B Taking It Lightly—Renewal
Membership Value:
(compared to purchasing programs separately)
$320 $470 to $660 $625 to $975 $1,525 to $3,144 $1,385 to $4,900

Please read—these aren't your standard blah blah blah.

Pay Monthly by credit card not available $10 per month
for 12 months
$15 per month
for 12 months
$40 per month
for 12 months
$40 per month
for 12 months
Or pay annually by check or credit card $35
(free to grads)
(save $35)
(save $35)
(save $80)
(save $80)

Free Trial Offer for Grow in the Light

Try two of the $20 Monthly Teleclasses for free—listen, learn, then decide!

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Still Not Convinced? Try a Sample!

Still not sure what if you want to Grow in the Light? Well, we thought you’d be convinced by now—just in case, we saved one last gem in our back pocket. Here’s a three-minute set of excepts from a summer teleclass that gives you a feel for the monthly teleclasses. Give it a listen!

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